Citigroup: The End of an Era

Posted at 1:01 PM on 12-23-16 by Rob T Firefly

With a heavy heart, we report that the whispers of doom you may have heard at the last few meetings are true; we will soon be losing the atrium at Citigroup Center to a long-term remodeling of the space.

This webmaster has been talking with the building’s security staff about the closure. For a long while there has been a very nebulous timeline ranging from “sometime soon” to “sometime next year,” but the latest information gives us a less-nebulous deadline of “the middle of January,” and the duration of the closure as “around two years.” So it seems January 6 will be NYC2600’s final meeting we’ll be having in the place which has been home since the start, at least for the foreseeable future.

Suggestions have been made for alternatives, and we encourage examination of all our options and further discussion at the next meeting. We have set up venue (at] to organize the efforts to find a new home, so email that address to join in the effort and share your suggestions.