NYC2600’s new home – the Atrium at 875

Posted at 3:51 PM on 1-11-17 by Rob T Firefly

We’re excited to announce the meeting place for next month!

The Atrium at 875 Third Avenue is on the corner of 53rd Street and 3rd Ave, right across from our former home at Citigroup. There is a nice atrium with connections to lots of amenities, including the Lexington Avenue subway station.

Many of us have been suggesting and checking out possible places for our meetings to convene post-Citigroup, and the Atrium at 875 was at the top of the lists. A bunch of us took a walk over during and after the January 2017 meeting to check the place out, and it looks as though it’ll suit our purposes nicely.

On the lower level, at the foot of some glowing glass-sided escalators, stand a nice food-court’s-worth of tables and chairs which should prove a neat place to assemble beginning next month.

Even if, by some stretch, Citigroup has not closed after all by next meeting, we shall still consider this the official home of NYC2600 and encourage all to meet up here from now on.

The lower food court area seems to close up a little earlier than Citigroup, but not before we’ve usually moved on to dinner anyway. Should we ever need them, it seems facilities on upper floors of the atrium remain open until 11PM.

See you here next meeting!