NYC2600, get to work!

Posted at 7:17 PM on 3-8-17 by Rob T Firefly

Does the local job market grab your interest? How about preparing yourself to dive into it, or just helping out those of us who are? Check this action out.

Stemming from discussions at last week’s meeting, we’re trying out something new to address a longstanding demand.

So many among the NYC2600 community find themselves in need of new work opportunities. The process of connecting qualified jobseekers with available positions in the local tech world has long been a convoluted mess. We think it’s time for something better.

We propose a dedicated hangout between NYC2600 meetings, in our normal space at the Atrium and at our normal time, during which we’ll huddle and swap information specifically related to finding work. Feel free to bring your resume, as anonymized as you wish, if you’d like to show it off and/or seek advice on tightening it up. Feel free to ask your fellow NYC2600ers about their past and present gigs, and to share as much info about your own professional path as you’re willing to. If you know of any gigs out there looking for qualified candidates, bring that info as well. If you’re not actively seeking a gig, you’d still be welcome to come share your own job-seeking expertise and experience with the rest of us.

We hope to make this the first of a recurring series serving a specific need of our community. Come to the Atrium on Friday, March 24 around 6 PM, and let’s get NYC2600 to work!