What You Say!!

What You Say!! is our caption contest.

We periodically post a photo from our archives. Your job is to think up some sort of creative and/or funny captions for it, and send them in with the subject “What you say!!” and whatever name to credit you as when we post them here. Eventually we’ll choose our favorite (not counting our own meager efforts) and the winner will receive a unique place in history, and all the bragging rights they can eat.

Current entry:

Caption this!
  • When he has his 80th cigarette.. he will need a new shirt. – Grey Frequency
  • Studies show smoking to be unhealthy, but not quite as unhealthy as embedding road signs in your skull. – Rob T Firefly
  • Every bodyguard worth his salt has a cigarette, since the smoke screen provides an extra layer of protection. – RogueClown
  • Murd0c only has a cigarette in his mouth to cover the fact that his lungs actually produce and expel smoke 24/7. – LexIcon
  • “Alright we’ll show you the dead body but if you squeal on us, my friend here will look down condescendingly upon you so hard you’ll wish you hadn’t.” – eldavojohn
  • “Puff puff pass, my ass… This is mine seee, all mine!” – Y-not

Past entries:
Caption this!
Winning caption:

Little does LexIcon know, we’ve exchanged his regular Key Lime Pie for Folgers Coffee Crystals! Let’s see if he notices… – Sidepocket


  • “My preciousss…” – Grey Frequency
  • “Sometimes pie tells me to do things… bad things…” – Rob T Firefly
  • “In Amsterdam you can order pie à la cocaine!” – eldavojohn
  • “Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Oh wait, this is pie.” – Grey’s Mom (yes, really)
  • Guy in back: “I have half a mind to disapprove.” – anon
  • “Sorry, I sneezed” – RenderMan
  • Guy in back: “Run now or he’ll eat you too.” – Kymus
  • “What? You think I can’t hack the pie…? I can hack the pie.” – bobby
  • “I bet you my tab I can snort the whole thing in one line” – vayeate

Caption this!
Winning caption:

“Internet gang members Tough-stache, Jetpack & ‘Phones attack an unlucky photographer with the reverse Vulcan salute.” – eldavojohn


  • “And the band shall be called… Ninja Zapp!”Grey Frequency
  • “If I hide here behind the guy with the headphones, I won’t get hit…” – Rob T Firefly
  • “I’m squishing your head!” – RenderMan
  • “Please, fangirls, one at a time…” – c4bl3fl4m3
  • “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” – Phrostbyte

Caption this!
Winning caption:

“The fone’s broken? Don’t worry, I’ll just call a repairman.” – anon


  • “I am waiting for a dial tone…” – Grey Frequency
  • “Hello, voices in my head? It’s Grey, just checking in…” – Rob T Firefly
  • “Does the children’s birthday party include the children?” – Murd0c
  • This is a visual warning of what happens when you try to red box a COCOT phone. – Sidepocket
  • Thinking about this telephone’s location. What’s all about those bullet holes in the back ?? – the_hippie

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