Internet forums

Every day on the Internet sees countless forums and communities start and end, languish and thrive. While not all NYC2600 people are involved in the following, and involvement in the following is by no means limited to just our community, they are the closest to “official” forums we have.

We encourage you to check out the following outposts and communities NYC2600 enthusiasts have set up. If there isn’t an NYC2600 group on a social network or service you like and you think there should be, we encourage you to start it! See below for details.

Known NYC2600 forums

  • #nyc2600 on IRC – Our meeting place on 2600’s Internet Relay Chat server.
  • /r/nyc2600 – Fledgling subreddit with no activity. If you’re a Redditor, come help us get it going!

The nyc2600 tag

Most of the social-network-flavored gathering places online have features to apply tags/hashtags to content posted therein, and we encourage use of the tag nyc2600 wherever applicable to pool our related content.

Here are some such pools.

  • #NYC2600 on Twitter – Users of Twitter are encouraged to use #nyc2600 to consolidate our NYC2600-related tweets. Twitter users might also be interested in following the Twitter feed of this site’s front page, @NYC2600.
  • NYC2600 tag on YouTube – YouTube users are encouraged to tag NYC2600-related videos with “nyc2600” for maximum video power.

Add more forums!

Are you an NYC2600 regular who uses a social-networking website or similar online service, and you know of (or would like to start) an NYC2600-specific community, forum, group, or other equivalent used by said service or protocol? Please contact us with the necessary details to add it to this page!

We only have a few small guidelines for sites to be added to this directory:

  • The forum should be of particular interest to the NYC2600 community, not just a general “hacker” or “New York City” forum. It must be at least obliquely centered on our local area and community. An on-topic subforum of a larger general forum is also okay.
  • The forum should be operated or moderated by someone who attends NYC2600 meetings in real life.
  • The forum should be kept as open for public perusal, joining, and participation as possible on whatever network or service it is a part of. We don’t wish it to be hidden, invite-only, or anything like that if it can be avoided; that’s not what our community is all about. takes no responsibility for the content or behavior of external sites.