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Here is a selection of NYC2600-related video clips.

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screenshotNot bad for a child’s computer – NeoAmsterdam demonstrates the video capabilities of his OLPC laptop by encouraging the crowd at Hopscotch Cafe to “do something stupid.” We happily oblige.
By NeoAmsterdam
April 4, 2008
OGG, 471 kb, 1:20

screenshotRIP – By holding his open MacBook aloft like a pizza, mematron was able to use its integrated cam to capture a short clip of our frenzied last day at the soon-to-be-closed Features what was the scariest bathroom in the Village.
By mematron
April 6, 2007
Quicktime, 1.6 Mb, 1:28

screenshotDecember Meeting – A delightful montage of festive meeting hijinks, and the requisite post-meeting Hackers-quote-fest on the subway.
By Murd0c
December 5, 2003
WMV, 5.1 MB, 3:06

screenshotNYC2600 idents – A series of short idents you might like to attach to your own NYC2600-related videos. This clip is presented public-domain, and is completely free to use and modify for any purpose. Sources of the free stock footage used are given at the video’s end.
By Rob T Firefly
MPEG, 74.6 MB, 1:40
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