2600 operates their own Internet Relay Chat server. Point your IRC client of choice to and chat away.

As per the server’s usage guidelines, #nyc2600 is designated the “official” channel for our meeting-goers. To join in, type /join #nyc2600 once you’ve connected to the server.

Some additional channels of interest on 2600net include #2600 for general chat, and #offthehook and #offthewall for live listener chat during those shows’ broadcasts. Other channels are available; type /list when logged into the server to see them all.

Please note that IRC is at its heart an unmoderated and uncensored forum. Here are some tips for survival:

  • If you need help getting started with IRC go to IRCHelp, an excellent site full of beginners’ guides, links to popular IRC clients, and more.
  • If a 2600-related channel such as #2600 or #nyc2600 gets “taken over,” locks you out, or otherwise becomes unusable, you are encouraged to simply add one to the number and use a new channel at (for example) #nyc2601, #nyc2602, and so on as needed until things settle down.
  • If your chosen channel is empty, you can start it yourself and wait for others to join you.
  • If your chosen channel seems to be full of “idlers,” you can either say hello and see if anyone is actually around, join in the idling fest and sit there until people feel like communicating again, or find another more active channel. is so not responsible for the content of IRC chats. Participate at your own risk.