Privacy Policy

Our policy is that you have privacy.

  • We don’t track you.
  • As this site is configured to disallow the underlying software’s user-commenting function, you aren’t creating user accounts or signing into anything unless you’re an admin. (You’re not an admin.)
  • The only meaningful cookies on this site are used by the admin. (Not you.)
  • We don’t gather or share personally-identifiable information or individually-meaningful logs beyond those generally needed for this website to function on a purely technical basis. What minor statistical logs this site’s hosting provider keeps are never up for sharing or sale for any reason.
  • We don’t accept paid ads of any kind or have any relationship with info-soaking ad companies, screw those predators and the broken media environment they created.

Frankly, we don’t really care what you’re up to unless you’ve come to an NYC2600 meeting to speak with folks about it (in which case we, and the rest of the crowd, are all ears!)