New York City

Obligatory aerial shotWe love our city. You can too.

If you’re unfamiliar with New York City, it can seem daunting. Here are some beginners’ guides to some aspects of the place we locals think tourists and newcomers may find useful.

  • NYC transit for beginners – Our guide to the subway system, taxis, and so on, all of which will quickly become your best friend unless you really love to walk everywhere.
  • Getting around New York – A list of subway directions to some popular destinations.
  • Flying to New York? Don’t book your trip without first reading the guide TProphet wrote for HOPE travelers on getting to NYC without busting your budget. (link to archived copy of offsite forum post)
  • Need help finding your way to some of our favorite landmarks? Just curious as to what some of these places look like when seen from a moving van rigged with a camera? Check out our Google Maps bookmarks, complete with street views.
  • You can also explore the useful and/or entertaining resources in the “Local” sections of our links page.