NYC2600 Meeting – January 2022

A new year, a new start.

Join us virtually or physically for January’s NYC2600 meeting!

Please note: While the physical meeting is currently still scheduled to happen this week, during this time of newly-increasing caution and record-breaking pandemic surges we strongly encourage all who may be on or near the fence about attending to make use of the virtual meeting! It’s scary out there for many, and it’s truly okay to stay home.

  • Who: Us, and hopefully you.
  • What: The NYC2600 Meeting, Dernyn Memorial Edition.
  • When: Friday, January 7, beginning at 5:00 PM EST.
  • Where: In-person at Citigroup Center, or virtually via Zoom.
  • Why: To meet up, eat food, do things, and stay warm and interested.

Here’s how it works:

To attend the physical meeting:

Show up to the food court at Citigroup Center, 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue! Look for a cluster of tables occupied by friendly hackers who are excited to meet you.

To attend the virtual meeting:

  1. Send an email to conf at nyc2600 dot net asking for a Zoom conference invite.
    Please do so even if you were already a recipient of an invite to any previous remote NYC2600 meetings, as those email addresses were not kept. They will not be kept this time, either. These invitations are being handled by a robot which is too busy cleaning up New-Year’s confetti to remember you.
  2. You’ll receive said invite at the email address from which you requested it. With this invite you can join by web, app, or even private or public telephone (originating numbers will be partially masked from other participants) anytime after the meeting starts up at 5PM EST.
  3. There’s still no step 3!!!

See you there!