Virtual NYC2600 is no longer being held.

We at have decided no longer to host virtual meetings at this time.

We began the Virtual NYC2600 meetings as a small consolation event during the initial COVID lockdown, when nobody could be there in person. It provided some solace in difficult and lonely times, but it was never a substitute for the physical meetings.

There was a maintained level of interest in the virtual events for a while, but as restrictions were lessened over the last couple of years interest waned deeply. Since 2022 began, the virtual meetings have had little to no participation displayed. We have, therefore, decided to return this site’s focus solely to the in-person meetings.

We are keeping an eye on the pandemic, behaving responsibly, and have not ruled out reinstating Virtual NYC2600 at some future point should it become as necessary to our community as it once was.

If you wish to share your thoughts on this with us you are more than welcome to contact us via email or Twitter.