Find us on Mastodon!

You may know about this site’s Twitter account @NYC2600, but as that birdy site is making it clear that it’s no longer going to be what it once was we’re excited to make folks aware of alternatives.

A zoological illustration of the American Mastodon, painted by Charles R. Knight in 1897.

Many of us have been finding good homes for our social-media selves on Mastodon, a federated and open-source alternative to stuff like Twitter which has grown exponentially over the past months. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of NYC2600 regular Xio, we have two places Mastodon users can find NYC2600 on. Those accounts are:

Xio is writing the posts at both of those, and he plans to find different focuses for each account. Follow both and miss nothing!

You are also invited to check out the hashtag #NYC2600 on Mastodon, and apply it to your own NYC2600-related posts there. We have always encouraged using NYC2600 as a hashtag (or equivalent) on all social media, past, present, and future, to find your fellow NYC2600 folks wherever they may congregate!

For more information on Mastodon and some easy guides to getting started, check out