NYC2600 Meeting – December 2021

Hey folks, we’re going the heck back to Citigroup!

Join us for December’s NYC2600 meeting!

  • Who: Us, and hopefully you.
  • What: The NYC2600 Meeting, Accessibility For All Edition.
  • When: Friday, December 3, beginning at 5:00 PM EST.
  • Where: There are two big answers to this question!
    • The physical meeting, after a long hiatus during which we met at the Atrium around the corner, has returned to Citigroup Center on the corner of 53rd St and Lexington Avenue. We will be holding the meeting in the newly-remodeled food court where we originally met!
    • The virtual meeting will occur wherever you are, via Zoom.
  • Why: To meet up, eat food, do things, and check out all the cool new stuff at our cool old home!

Here’s how it works:

To attend the physical meeting:

Show up here, in the food court at Citigroup Center, our old home, at 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue!

The old food court at Citigroup, after years of remodeling, is now the new food court at Citigroup, and its name is the Hugh. Check out the details on this page!

Photo of the new food court at Citigroup.

To attend the virtual meeting:

  1. Send an email to conf at nyc2600 dot net asking for a Zoom conference invite.
    Please do so even if you were already a recipient of an invite to any previous remote NYC2600 meetings, as those email addresses were not kept. They will not be kept this time, either. These invitations are being handled by a robot which is too busy playing in the snow to remember you.
  2. You’ll receive said invite at the email address from which you requested it. With this invite you can join by web, app, or even citi-grouping telephone (originating numbers will be partially masked from other participants) anytime after the meeting starts up at 5PM EST.
  3. There’s still no step 3!!!

While we have in the past endeavored to maintain something of a continuous connection between the virtual and physical meetings, we can no longer do so. After the physical meeting returned indoors we discovered the ambient noise from an enclosed space drowns out and ruins the virtual meeting entirely while connection is made. This practical issue, combined with the increasingly-apparent ethical concerns about a public live feed from an indoor space in which people could find their voices or images broadcast without consent, have brought us to the conclusion that the virtual and physical meetings are best planned as unconnected events from now on.

See you there!