NYC2600 Meeting – August 2021

Summer in the City

Join us for August’s physical and virtual NYC2600 meeting!

  • Who: Us, and hopefully you.
  • What: The NYC2600 Meeting, Condor Edition.
  • When: Friday, August 6, beginning at 5:00 PM EST.
  • Where: There are two answers to this question now!
    • The physical meeting has returned to the Atrium at 875 Third, on the corner of 53rd St and 3rd Avenue. In full consideration of both the public-health concerns and the continuing remodeling work on the interior space the meeting is again being held outdoors at the main entrance to the building on 53rd and 3rd, under the overhang. Dress for hot weather!
      As per the official 2600 meeting guidelines all attendees of physical meetings are expected to be vaccinated, but we will not be asking for proof; we’re trusting you to do the responsible thing.
    • The virtual meeting will occur wherever you are, via Zoom. We will attempt to have a live connection to the virtual meeting from the physical one, but it’ll be at the mercy of the reliability of the networks and equipment available; it’s still all highly experimental at this stage.
  • Why: To meet up, eat food, do things, and enjoy or hide from the weather.

Here’s how it works:

To attend the physical meeting: Show up here!

To attend the virtual meeting:

  1. Send an email to conf at nyc2600 dot net asking for a Zoom conference invite.
    Please do so even if you were already a recipient of an invite to any previous remote NYC2600 meetings, as those email addresses were not kept. They will not be kept this time, either. These invitations are being handled by a robot which is too busy playing MMOs to remember you.
  2. You’ll receive said invite at the email address from which you requested it. With this invite you can join by web, app, or even in-person telephone (originating numbers will be partially masked from other participants) anytime after the meeting starts up at 5PM EST.
  3. There’s still no step 3!!!

See you there!